Numerous companies, universities, and a wide variety of other groups have held retreats at the Silver Sands, where we can provide ample lodging for a large group, as well as use of our BOATHOUSE facility for meeting, see below. We have a large beach and lots of outdoor space, including large lawns. Many groups have rented out the entire place for a weekend and have the Silver Sands entirely to themselves. Give us a call at 631-477-0011 or email at to discuss having a retreat here.

The BOATHOUSE at the Silver Sands is a rustic, restored boat house, which is perfect as a meeting area and for get-togethers.

Below left, a company retreat has a yoga class on the lawn of a Silver Sands cottage, and to the right, the Manhattan Film Institute directing and acting students have a class on a cottage lawn in the warm months.

Below, the famed Swedish design company DOBERMAN, has a company retreat at the Silver Sands.

Actor Chazz Palmentieri, center, is a part of the Manhattan Film Institute, shown here at a gathering in the Boathouse at the Silver Sands.